Frugal Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love


As a parent, you want to give your child the best birthday party possible. But as an adult with financial responsibilities, you also don't want to break the bank throwing a birthday party. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on your child's birthday party, you may be looking for a few simple ways to save money. And to help with your frugal party planning, this article is going to discuss some great tips to keep in mind.
Rent Party Entertainment
Booking a venue for your child's birthday party can be pretty expensive—whether it's a local lodge, restaurant, or even booking a party slot at a trampoline park, going to a venue of any kind can automatically increase your party budget by quite a bit. And while you want your child and their guests to be entertained, you can save a lot of money by hosting the party at your house and renting entertainment. You can rent almost any kind of entertainment, from games to inflatables to petting zoos. And yes, you can even rent a clown for your kid's party! No matter what kind of entertainment your child has requested, you can save yourself money by choosing the rental route over going to a venue.


Make Your Own Decorations
No party is complete without decorations, but this doesn't mean you need to go crazy when buying party decor. Instead of spending way too much money on overpriced decorations, consider making some of your own. You can buy basic decorations, like balloons and streamers, and build the decor off of that. Depending on the party's theme, you may be able to use items from around your house as party decor—colored cups and vases can be filled with flowers or rocks as centerpieces for any party and your child's stuffed animals can be used as decor for a jungle-themed party. You can even look into cheap canvas printing for decor. Take some cute pictures of your child with family and friends and have them professionally printed on canvas for personalized decor. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a party look nice.
Get Creative With Party Favors
Most young kids expect to leave a party with some cool favors in tow. Unfortunately, party favors can be expensive and you can end up going over budget if you buy them from a party store. But instead of buying favors like toys, you can get creative and save some money while still giving out good favors—candy and other sweets are always good favor ideas because kids will never turn down candy. And if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can plan an activity for the party, like rock painting or cookie decorating, and have whatever the kids make be their party favor, too. By choosing something simple for a party favor, you can cut down on party expenses.


Bake Your Own Cake

While many parties feature a large and extravagant birthday cake, that doesn't always have to be the case. Because cakes from a bakery can be so expensive, you should consider making your own instead. Even if you're not an experienced baker, most people can make a decent cake from a cake mix package—you can even make cupcakes and have the party guests decorate cupcakes as an activity. Either way, as long as there's something sweet to eat, everyone should be happy.

It's certainly possible to plan a kid's birthday party without spending way too much money. So keep these tips in mind to help you throw a great party for your child while avoiding going over budget.