How To Film an Exciting Car Chase Scene


Many people find it exciting to head to a movie theater to see an anticipated release or stream a film. Some favor comedies, some like mysteries, and some like action-packed movies.

Thrillers, adventure movies, and action films can contain a lot of action scenes, such as car chases. Since motion secures and holds viewers’ attention, car chases may lead to the film’s climax or significant plot developments. Including a car chase in your film isn’t enough to satisfy viewers. The scene must be exciting and fit the story. Let’s look at tips you can use to film exciting car chase scenes.

Use superior film equipment.


It doesn’t matter how well your scene’s choreographed if viewers can’t see it and follow the action. You’ll lose your audience if they can’t hear the audio or see the images during your car chase scene, which is why you can’t rely on basic audio equipment or a natural light source.

Ensure your scenes have enough light. The rental professionals at Double Down Lighting offer packages containing various items needed to film scenes, including dimmers, stands, flags, reflectors, and blankets. You can opt to invest in a Tungsten light package or rent lights made by HMI, King Flo, or Chimera. The lights include sky panels and parabolic lights, and the rental packages enable you to secure the precise lights required for your lighting needs.

In addition to lights, you’ll need various types of microphones to record sound and video cameras to capture the images. You may also need a rail dolly to move cameras alongside the vehicles during the scene or use drones to capture some footage.

Select and maintain the vehicles.


Whether you’re featuring high-end cars in a car chase scene or using unusual vehicles, you need to pay attention to how the vehicles look. You also need to be prepared for potential damage while filming, which is why you may need exterior car parts to restore vehicles to complete the scenes. Turn to a reliable auto parts supplier to acquire pinch welds, aluminum car fasteners, fog lights, fender badge emblems, and more. Creating an account with a reliable auto parts supplier that offers competitive pricing and free shipping ensures you can secure the parts you need quickly and affordably, enabling you to touch up any vehicle to ensure continuity in every scene.

Work with professionals.


Your chief lighting technician is the gaffer, and they create lighting plans for every shot filmed. Their objective is to ensure the images captured fit the movie’s tone and the scene. The gaffer oversees the lighting technicians, ensuring your equipment’s set up correctly.

Camera operators use powerful video cameras to record video footage. They set up the camera and ensure it’s ready to record when the scene starts. They also move the camera according to the direction given for the scene.

Sound technicians set up audio equipment and operate it on set, ensuring they capture the audio. They follow the set directions to ensure they use the correct mics and the production sound mixer to adjust audio levels and ensure optimal audio quality.

Stunt coordinators choreograph action scenes to ensure the scene can be filmed safely. Stunt actors fill in for the actors, preventing the stars from sustaining injuries while filming action scenes.

Add obstacles and visually compelling content.

You must have the best equipment and professionals working on your car chase scene, but you also need a well-written scene with some intriguing obstacles. Perhaps you’ll have cars soaring over ditches, creeks, and other vehicles. You may have drivers navigating tight corners or sliding a convertible under an 18-wheeler’s trailer. Make sure you include some obstacles that threaten to derail your hero to increase the tension and keep viewers hooked.

Filming an exciting car chase scene involves using special equipment and working with professionals. You also need a well-written scene that adds obstacles that put your characters in danger.