Preparing for a Cross-Country Move


Moving to a new home is a large endeavor, but taking on a cross-country move is larger still. There are many factors and moving parts that have to be considered before you sign on the dotted line of the contract that releases your new home to you. Aside from the technical aspects of figuring out which moving company will help you move cross country, there are the issues of the traveling itself, how much money a long-distance move will cost, what’s the best way to travel comfortably, where do you stay overnight during the move itself, and more.

Before long, you’re going to realize that there is a lot of planning ahead. So before you embark on this big move cross country, open up your spreadsheets and get a checklist started.

Before you buy, you should sell.

If you are a homeowner, then you have to sell your house before your move into a new place. In all likelihood, you’re going to want to lighten a load of your belongings, too, so a great way to take care of both things at once is with an open house. A long-distance move can be very difficult and impractical if you have too much stuff. Giving away your belongings is one thing, but why not put a little more money in the bank instead, by selling the furniture and belongings you don’t intend to haul across the country? You still have the option to sell with Craigslist or eBay if need be, but an open house will allow people to see and experience the items that you’re selling.

Of course, the main function of the open house is to entice potential buyers to purchase your home––so a little housekeeping won’t go amiss here either. How’s your home’s curb appeal? The way your property looks from the outside is a resounding factor in whether someone would be interested in looking further into purchasing your property. Put aside some of the money you’re getting from selling your belongings, get a plethora of patio flowers, and turn your front yard into a paradise that simply invites everyone in to take a look.

Budget carefully!

If you’re prepping for a long-distance move then it’s necessary to learn how to track your spending and stay on top of your financial goals. Cutting some costs, consolidating bills, bringing in extra cash from alternative sources, and––above all––saving, are all great ways to inflate your bank balance ahead of the big spend. Remember that spreadsheet that you opened at the beginning of your endeavor? Well, it’s about to get a whole lot bigger. Use it to organize your finances and watch them grow as well.

Traveling Across the Country

Of all the tips for moving cross country to take to heart, an organization is chief among them. Whilst there is a lot to consider, both on this site and the other of your cross-country move, you aren’t going to get very far unless you take a reasoned and surgical approach. Still, remember that help is always at hand online. Use the internet to connect with residents of your new city, and get ahead of the curve with your knowledge. Researching is always a good idea, especially when it comes to bringing the costs down.

Some Bonus Tips

Finally, it can’t be ignored that the United States is deep into the Covid-19 pandemic, which is having an effect on every industry and family. Even a local move is proving to be a challenge during these times. However, there is more help available in the form of information. Check out the New York Times guide for moving during the pandemic during your researching stage.

Incidentally, don’t forget that you’ll have to work quickly to protect your new home from Covid-19. Though it’s recommended that you have the HVAC and home protection facilities in place before the long-distance move, should that not be possible then get them installed as soon as you can. You’ll likely be in quarantine for a little while after the move anyway, so you may as well be comfortable, too.