Preparing for a Romantic Night? Read This First


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. After surviving a year like 2020, we’re all in the mood for some major loving.

It’s never too soon to start planning out your perfect Valentine’s Day night. We’re sure you have all the basics covered: roses and other lovely flowers? Check. Extravagant gifts such as a Telfar bag or a shiny new watch for your man? Check. Special touches to make this a night to remember? Ah, we figured you may need some help. Here are a few ideas to help prepare for your romantic night.

Romantic Dinner

Honestly, who wants to do anything on an empty stomach? Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go all out and have the dinner of your dreams. Whether you or your partner want to cook yourself or get a reservation at an elegant restaurant, it’s important to get in a good meal before you get busy that night.

Here are a few meals that are always idea for this occasion:

  • Black Pepper Chicken Alfredo with Caesar Salads on the side
  • Rib eye Steak paired with the classic duo of Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli
  • Maple-Glazed Salmon served with a Vegetable Medley and Jasmine Rice on the side

For dessert, it’s always nice to stick to a classic chocolate cake. You can also switch it up to a red velvet cake instead (to be more with the red theme of Valentine’s Day). Be sure to enjoy all of this delicious food with a few of your favorite bottles of wine.

Get in high spirits.


We do mean high spirits literally. It’s possible that you’re a modern cannabis user, and if that’s the case, it’s not going to stop on Valentine’s Day. As much as a nice bottle of wine can set the mood, lighting up a blunt or joint can also get you feeling very nice for your special night. However, if you do decide to indulge in marijuana for the night, be sure that you’re in your legal right to do so. Check out this map that states where it’s safe to light this plant up in the United States.

Weed smell isn’t exactly the sexiest thing to have to smell on Valentine’s Day. The smell of weed can bring down the loving mood, and at the end of the day, we definitely don’t want that to happen. There are plenty of ways to get rid of the smell of weed smoke, such as lighting candles, using organic essential oils for incense, or spraying air fresheners. Sometimes, you still need something a bit stronger, and we know exactly where you need to turn to.

Veil is a weed odor eliminator spray. Veil doesn’t just mask up the weed smell; it also breaks down the smoke into tiny little molecules, making it overall better for the air. Plus, the team of chemists on Veil has created the spray to be eco-friendly and non-toxic. Don’t let a bad odor ruin the mood on Valentine’s Day; visit Veil to check out their Veil Weed Odor Eliminator and other packages of Veil goodies.

Dress up.


In this case, you’ll actually want to dress down. We all know that this holiday is all about love, and that includes everything that comes with those emotions and sentiments. We’re all adults here; Valentine’s Day night often comes with sexy acts of intimacy and sexual activity. You can imagine the scene now: bottles of champagne to leisurely sip on, candles glowing strategically around the room, rose petals, and other delights spread across the bed‚Äîit’s an enticing aura. There’s one thing that’s missing though: lingerie.

We all know how crazy our partners can get over a nice pair of lingerie. Whether you’re admiring the cute panties or you’re rocking them yourself, you recognize the importance of including these intimates during your special night.

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Now that you’re all dressed for a good time, let’s make sure that sexual activity actually occurs. Now that we’re getting older, you or your partner (whoever needs assistance with erectile dysfunction) should explore options. The number one option you should check into is Viagra.

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