The 2021 Style Guide


This year has the potential to be great, especially when it comes to your personal fashion style. There are plenty of ways to improve and revamp your style that go beyond the clothes you wear. However, finding a mix between the right clothing and accessory trends as well as comfort is sometimes challenging. If you’re ready to kick-start your new style journey for 2021, keep reading. Here’s a guide to get you through this year with an optimal style and confidence.

Comfortable Undergarments


If last year taught the fashion industry anything, it’s that sometimes comfort is at the top of the list for buyers. With many people opting to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s understandable that workers wanted to find comfortable ways to dress up for work without having to throw on a dress or suit pants every morning to sit in their home office.

Now, this doesn’t mean that sweatpants are on-trend for 2021, but it does mean that you should find other ways to prioritize staying comfortable. Start with undergarments like your bra. If you have trouble choosing a bra size, then check out this bra fitting guide to get the best fit for your particular bra size, and get the perfect bra. All you need is a measuring tape to measure your cup size, band size, and length of the strap. This way, you head into 2021 with comfort and confidence instead of with an uncomfortable, old bra.

All Kinds of Accessories


Every year, jewelry trends tend to change. Jewelry style is something that is unique to each person. Whether you like naturally styled or vintage pieces of jewelry, you might wonder what your jewelry says about your personality. It’s important to stay true to your personal style, whatever that may be, but to stay relevant with the times, consider what’s trending this year too.

A couple of these 2021 jewelry trends that you should consider adding to your collection are larger gold chain necklaces and long drop earrings that make a statement. Another type of accessory that many forget about is makeup. Using makeup as a way of stylistic expression is a great idea, and if you loathe the idea of applying makeup every day to your natural lashes, then you should consider magnetic lashes to make your beauty routine easier than ever. Plus, you can focus on your style more when you’re less worried about applying makeup.

Color and Pattern Trends


Though many may not be aware of this, generally there are colors that come in trend for the year. Not surprisingly, after a year of staying indoors, this year’s color and pattern inspiration comes from nature. The fashion color trend reports that one of these colors to look out for is marigold, which is an orange-yellow color. Others include bright yellow, coral, sky blue, and orchid. The theme is that it’s about vibrancy that’s inspired by natural sources. These colors will make great additions to your wardrobe, especially if you love the look of vibrant colors that might make you the center of attention. However, if you’re more of a neutral dresser, you’re not out of luck either. A few neutrals in-style for 2021 are gray, cream, and sand. When looking for patterns this year, look for vintage florals and geometric prints that mimic the attire of the 1960s.

The great news is that you can still remain true to your style while incorporating comfortable undergarments, accessories, and new color or pattern trends. By simply adding a few new staple pieces to your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to rock your new clothes with confidence throughout this year.