3 Waterfront Vacations for Every Kind of Traveler


Everyone’s idea of a perfect vacation is different, but it’s tough to go wrong when you’re on a waterfront! You can partake in water sports, go fishing, or simply lay out and soak in the sun and fresh air. The possibilities of waterfront vacations are endless, so you may have trouble deciding which one is the best route to take for your upcoming vacation. Fortunately, some of the research is done for you. Whether you’re looking for excitement, luxury, or to connect with nature, the waterfront vacation ideas below can help get you started on your trip-planning journey.

Hit the beach in luxury style.


If you’re the type who likes to be pampered while enjoying time off, you’ll love perusing luxury villas in Cabo San Lucas. There are many different ways to enjoy a beach vacation, but for the ultimate posh feel, your best bet is a villa in Cabo. Cabo has long been a sought-after vacation spot because of its beautiful weather, breathtaking sights, and rich history. Many people gravitate towards VRBO or Airbnb for vacation spots but neglect to plan for all the work it takes to create an itinerary and handle transportation in another country.

Opting to book a luxury villa instead eliminates this problem. You’ll have access to a concierge, and many of the amenities you’ll enjoy will be within walking distance of you. For example, Cabo Platinum has luxury villa locations in San Lucas, San Jose, East Cape, and the Tourist’s Corridor. With any reservation, you’ll have your own 24-hour concierge service to answer questions and help you create your itinerary so you can focus on R&R.

Go on a fishing charter expedition.


If your trip to land’s end calls for a tasty souvenir, consider a fishing charter trip. Not only will you spend the day out on the water, soaking in the views and weather, but you won’t return empty-handed. If you don’t have much fishing experience, don’t worry. There are fishing charter services that can take you on a guided tour, provide fishing gear, and show you the ropes.

For example, Johnny’s Sportfishing in Chilliwack, BC, helps visitors plan their entire trip, from airport transportation to hotel bookings to getting out onto the water to fish. It can be intimidating to try something new for the very first time. Still, expert fishers like those at Johnny’s can provide a fun and relaxing environment that’s perfect for any vacation.

Camp near a recreational lake or waterfall.


Another excellent way to unwind on the waterfront is by taking a camping trip! There are several reasons for the popularity of camping near the water. First, the gentle babbling of a brook and the time spent out under the stars can be a relaxing and grounding experience. Additionally, the bodies of water near camping areas are typically swimmable.

If the weather is hot, taking a short walk to jump in the lake and cool off can be refreshing and fun. Camping is a great way to have an incredible vacation at a low price point. However, it may take a bit more preparation since you’ll be out in the wilderness for a few days. Try making a checklist of everything you might need for your vacation before heading out to your waterfront expedition.

Having a good time by the water is easy. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, water tends to have a calming effect on people. Perhaps this calming effect is due to the association of water with summer fun or just the relaxing sounds it creates when in motion. Whatever your reason for desiring a waterfront vacation, each of the trips mentioned above is sure to satisfy your need to let loose and getaway.