5 Automobile Business Ideas for Car Lovers


Auto lovers of the world have so many opportunities to open their own businesses. A car has so many different parts that can be independently worked on such as engine, mufflers, rims, and lighting. Depending on which part you find yourself fixated on, you can open a shop just for that. Here are five automobile business ideas for car lovers.

1. Auto Body Repair Shop


If you’re all about fixing up your car or are obsessed with keeping others’ in top shape, then you may be suited to open an auto body repair shop. There, you’ll be able to fix any cars that come into your garage. You can fix anything from collision damages, change the oil, rotate wheels, and change brakes. If you want, you can even research franchising opportunities to become your own boss as part of a bigger company and work on an already tested business model.

2. Car Wrap Company

Additionally, you can open a car wrapping company like Wrap Garage. Wrap Garage can add your advertising to your car with high-quality imagery and durable wraps to increase your brand recognition. Their wraps can be applied to cars, trucks, and semi-trucks, and can be applied to single cars or fleets. They also offer wraps for walls so you can decorate your own car shop. Call them today for a free estimate.

3. Car Wash


A car wash is ideal for car lovers that enjoy keeping their rides sparkly clean. They can help others keep their rides clean as well with a car wash business. A car wash can be automatic, mobile, or hand-operated. This business opportunity can give you a steady income as many people like their cars to be clean but don’t really enjoy doing the dirty work themselves.

In addition, if you choose the mobile option, you can take the car wash to your clients. They can call you on-demand or make an appointment so you can be there when they need it. Additionally, a mobile car wash is a great way to start a small business which can then be upscaled to a full-service car wash with a tunnel and more personnel and services.

4. Car Dealer

Opening a car dealer is perfect for people who want a new business that generates liquid assets fast as customers will usually buy cars with cash. You can open a new or used car dealer or even adhere to a franchise of an existing dealer. You will need a lot of good advertising and exceptional customer service to popularize your brand name by word of mouth.

You can choose which type of cars you want to sell such as luxury or sports cars, so depending on that, you will want to market and advertise accordingly. If you are car savvy and like to speak to people with detailed information, then you can open your own car dealership.

5. Tire Store


A tire store is a very specific type of business but one that many car enthusiasts enjoy. Car lovers can go on for hours speaking about all the pros and cons of tires and the benefits they have on different cars. If you relate to this, chances are a tire shop can be a good option for you.

Additionally, tires are not going out of style any time soon, and car owners are constantly changing their tires due to active warranties, accidents, or weathered side-walls. Not to mention, a lot of people are traveling long distances to their jobs every day, so their cars will need to be replaced more often.

Whichever your choice, starting a car business can be a highly-rewarding idea and fulfilling career for car lovers.