3 Ways To Feel Like a Character in an Action Movie


If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a character in an action movie, you can. You don’t need to learn to act or give up your career to move to Hollywood. You can take the right steps, adopt the right attitude and be an active character in your hometown. You can add drama and excitement to your everyday life while still going about your day.

Here are three ways you can feel like a character from an action movie.

1. Buy spy supplies.


All good action characters have supplies like a spy voice recorder that can be used as a covert audio recorder to catch people admitting to their crimes. With the right microphone, sound quality, standby mode, battery life, and durability, you can record any conversations near or far and then use it to plan a diamond heist or a global hunt to save an innocent child. There is no limit to the adventures you can have with a digital voice recorder.

If your movie has you playing the role of the superhero pretending to be a journalist, you can use your voice recorder openly while interviewing random people on the street. If you believe you are being followed, you can record your potential stalker. If you are sure your spouse is secretly a trained assassin and you’re going to be their next target, you can use a covert audio recorder to catch them before they end you.

2. Get the right accessories.


Action characters always have the right accessories, from the sharp hat to the glass of cognac and a thick cigar. The lady action characters are going to need diamond earrings and a long-stem holder for their cigarette. Al Capone wraps are leaf wraps for hand-rolled cigars that will immediately increase your action figure status. You will also need a nice black or dark blue suit, white shirt, and gold cuff links. When you are smoking your cigar, make sure you are sitting in a dimly lit room and let the smoke linger around your head.

If you’ve ever watched a James Bond film, you know how important it is to look at the part. From head to toe, your look should be smart, sharp, and wealthy. Think of Tony Stark as he walks through his mansion or into a room of people. He commands the space because he knows he’s the star of the movie. Walk with confidence wherever you go, so everyone who sees you knows you’re the star of the film.

3. Play the role.


Never break character. It doesn’t matter if you are in line at the grocery store or walking your dog; you need to always be in character and ready for a disaster, a fight to break out, or a house to explode with no explanation. Be social but cautious of everyone you meet because you never know who is out to kill you. Always be on the lookout for smart, quiet women who wear glasses. They are going to need to be saved at some point during the day.

You will also need to become highly observant and remember everything you see. You never know when you’ll be the witness to a crime or suddenly entrenched in a mafia hit gone wrong, so you need to be able to remember license plates, facial scars, tics, and door codes. Learning how to play poker and assault someone with a shot glass will be valuable skills in your new life as an action character. Take a variety of self-defense classes, so you can win in a fistfight or a martial arts battle because you never know what kind of skills your opponent is going to show up with.