What To Pack for a Trip to Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is known for its mild springs, long stretches of sandy beach, and of course, ever-comfortable warm summers. It doesn’t matter what you want to do as an individual, a couple, or a family: it has enough spots to go around. A single trip, and you can make a reservation at any museum, amusement park, or golf course for a thrill ride.

Many Myrtle Beach visitors admit that they have difficulty finding the right and best things to pack for their vacation. That’s where we come in! Our article gives you an excellent checklist of what to pack for your next Myrtle Beach vacation. This list was curated by countless thrill-seekers like you, who, through trial and error, found the best items for their vacation.

Cover-Ups & Kaftans


Swimsuits are great for the beach, but you’ll look even better at the downtown myrtle beach or the resort poolside with an adorable cover-up. Cover-ups are very easy to throw on over your swimsuits, and they have a great way of elevating your simple swimsuit look into something chicer. There are great off the shoulder tops that can act as your coverup. These fulfill their function and even sometimes work as cute dresses if they’re long enough. Cover-ups also come in many colors and sizes, with some made from lightweight fabrics that look wonderful on all body types.

Beach Bag

Imagine finally convincing your family to try the Myrtle beach slingshot. Everything is ready for you to enjoy your ride until someone asks for some sunscreen, water, or even a place to keep their phone! Handling these items can become a nightmare without a beach bag, especially when you’re moving in larger groups.

Invest in a durable beach bag to help hold all your beach and ride essentials. Everything from your keys to phones, sunscreen, and even wallets can be kept in here without fear. The best part of beach bags is their waterproof interior lining and their washable fabric.

Travel Insurance

It’s great to visit the famous spots like Myrtle beach boardwalk, the water park, and the zipline, but all these need to be done with less worry. The best way to worry less is to have your travel insurance. Wherever you go, be it the boardwalk or kid-friendly rides, you must carry along your travel insurance as it offers you all the assurance that you are protected against any weather events, cancellations, and even unexpected medical costs.

Hand Sanitizer


You might find yourself in a situation where there’s no soap or water, and you’ll still need to keep your hands free from germs. This is where hand sanitizers come in. Sanitizers act as an extra layer of protection against bacteria, and they’re straightforward to travel with once they’re in your beach bag. If you’re moving as a family, it’s best to get the six-pack, as every member can get their own for when you decide to split ways and enjoy different sites simultaneously.


Depending on the season of your visit, your clothing choices will differ. It’s best to pack along your bikini, shorts, and tank tops during the hot summer days. Cooler seasons such as winter or autumn will require covering up slightly. So, jeans, long-sleeve shirts, and sweaters will be the best choice. For footwear, we recommend bringing some open-toed shoes and flip-flops for your walks along the beach.

Other items equally crucial for your trip include your plane tickets if you’re flying, personal ID, cash and credit/debit cards, a first aid kit for any emergencies, and your device chargers. With this foundation checklist, you’re guaranteed to have the best time imaginable in this beautiful haven.