6 Ways to Find Your Next Hookup Sans Dating App


Finding love offline is hard to do with everyone walking around with their eyes locked on their phones. By-chance meetings seem to be a thing of the past and online dating is illuminating love connections all across the world. If you’re not into the online scene or are afraid of being catfished, how are you going to find love? 

Believe it or not, love can be found in everyday places. You wouldn’t want to fall for someone who has a questionable past. Before you start making life plans with someone be sure that you’ve got all of their background information by performing a search on GoLookUp.




School is the perfect place to meet your next date. People who attend school, especially post-secondary institutions usually have a will and drive to succeed. The library is a good place to meet people. Attending school events like football games and dances are great ways of meeting people who share your interests.

The Gym



The gym is a great place to meet people. People who actively go to the gym want to become healthy and often share the same fitness and health goals. Sharing these goals is essential for a relationship because healthy living makes for a positive environment. Next time you’re at the gym and you notice a prospective date by the juice bar nod or wave at them and get the conversation started.

Hobby Classes/Stores

Striking up a conversation in a hobby class or store is a great way to find someone who shares the same extracurricular likes. If you’re into the arts, go to paint night and share your vision or techniques with someone captivating. Hobby stores are always a good place to start when it comes to finding a date who is into the same hobbies as you are. Some stores even organize social nights, just ask the clerks about events or check out their websites.


Meeting people at a bar used to be a taboo thing to do but bars are great places to find people who share your love of music. Bars feature different types of music and since music breathes air into your artistic world, sharing the same musical interests is important. Be careful when you’re at a bar, make sure you’re always watching your drinks. When someone tells you their name before you wander off with them, you should look them up on the internet and check out their social media.

Social Clubs

It may seem odd to try and make a connection with someone in a garden club but why not? Social club meetings are typically in a large space where you can share your interests with others over food and alcoholic beverages.

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Cultural/Religious Outings




If you’re looking for a mate who is from the same cultural or religious background as you are head over to the social organizer of your group and go to the events. It is not uncommon to meet someone at the church social event that has the potential to be your future partner for life. If you’re looking for someone with the same cultural background, you can typically find events that the cultural group is throwing and mingle. Don’t be shy, it is unheard of for a cultural or religious organization to be unwelcoming.

Dating apps can be dangerous and misleading always look up the person you are talking to before you end up being catfished. Take a chance and get out of your box to meet people. Dating is the best time of your relationship, enjoy every second of falling in love.